Founder of Metro Bank Go Digital

Founder of Metro Bank Go Digital

Metro Bank, the physical bank outlets who advocated for many years, the former chairman made ??a direction, and plans to launch an all-digital lender a dramatic change.
Anthony Thomson, who in 2010 established Metro Bank co-founder Vernon Hill, said that in the past four years the bank's branches outdated.

 ”The world has changed now has been quite extraordinary uptake (mobile banking), “he said.
" Opening a bank branch in 2015 and would like British Telecom phone booth back on the high street ."
Mr. Tang Musen down Metro Bank in 2012 and was replaced as chairman by Mr. Hill, American entrepreneur. He is still a significant shareholder in the bank.
He said that although the subway model - which is built around a large prominent branch, usually costing £ 2,000,000, open heart - is still valid, but it does not provide a serious alternative to the UK’s largest banks.

"Metro is a matter for the 2007/ 2008 ... but it is a high street bank,” he said. "We will be the first real alternative."
Mr. Thompson’s new venture is an online retail and commercial banking, atoms, is expected to be launched in the next year.
Mr. Thompson and Mark Mullen, the chairman, First Direct, the online arm of HSBC Chief Executive Officer, will join as CEO.

Atom - the first letter is intended to reflect customers anywhere at any time, online banking, but not Mr. Thomson initials ability term - will not have any branch or telephone banking services.
It still needs a banking license from the regulator, but Mr. Thomson, which is the pursuit of a new fast-track clearance process.

The bank will be headquartered in the North East of England.
The launch of the occasion, many of Britain's biggest banks close branches, trying to cut costs. Royal Bank of Scotland , which has more than 2,000 branches in the UK, last week said it would close 44 of which there are several people in a small rural community , no other banks.

Meanwhile, Barclays is planning to shut down about a quarter of the 1,600 branches in the next few years , Lloyd could pledge to keep the branches open after it expires later this year to follow suit .
Closures as digital banking services are increasing rapidly. Last week, research published by the British Bankers Association showed that customers had doubled in the five largest UK banks using mobile banking application, in the past year.